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What Will Happen In My Hypnotherapy Session?

During your FREE Initial Consultation, your hypnotherapy practitioner will gather some information from you and you’ll have a chance to discuss the problem in more detail.

We will discuss how you want things to be at the end of your course of treatments so that we have something to focus on. Your Hypnotherapist will talk you through some of the science behind how the mind works and also give you some information about your condition or situation.

At the following hypnotherapy sessions, your hypnotherapist will talk to you about your week and ask you questions for the first half of the session, to find out where you are, what progress you’re making and where you want to get to. Then you will get on the hypnotherapy couch and the ‘trance’ part of the session will take place.

Will I Have To Talk To My Hypnotherapist?

At the beginning of each session you will have a chat with your therapist and they will ask you some questions to help you reflect on how things are going and help you to create objectives and move forward.

When you go into hypnosis later on on the couch, you will not need to talk. Solution Focused Hypnotherapists do not regress you back in time or ask you questions when you are in hypnosis, or trance.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

All our clients so far have felt relaxed when in hypnosis, even if they were nervous initially. Most people report that hypnosis feels like deep waves of relaxation coming over them. Sometimes they can hear the words used and sometimes they drift off, thinking about other things (the brain is sifting, sorting and problem-solving when this occurs during hypnosis).

Some people stay in a very light trance and some people go deeper. If your therapist notices you drifting off too deep into a sleep they will use their skills to bring you back up into a lighter trance. The depth of trance that a client goes into doesn’t really have any relevance as far as far as allowing the brain to absorb positive suggestions is concerned, so you do not need to worry.

Everyone can go into a trance state and actually, it’s something that occurs naturally with everyone, every single day. It’s the brain’s ‘down time’ (but the brain is actually very busy as the subconscious mind runs the show – like when we get sucked into a movie or are driving along a road and suddenly realise that we can’t remember half the journey!)

Are There Any Side Effects?

Solution focused Hypnotherapy is very positive and future-focused. It’s highly unlikely that you will feel any negative side effects. Occasionally people are teary but this is usually just a release – stopping and taking time for yourself when you have a busy, stressful life can feel quite strange if you’re not used to it.

Everyone always reports feeling very relaxed and positive after their sessions. Side effects may be: Feeling more confident, feeling motivated, improved sleep, feeling positive and happy for the rest of the day, and feeling less stressed!

What Exactly Is Solution focused Hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy differs from other forms of hypnotherapy as it uses elements of other psychotherapeutic techniques. Sessions are not focused on the client’s problem, which may sound like a strange way of doing things. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is interested in building up the client’s confidence and self-belief, whilst bringing down stress levels, changing thinking patterns and habits and moving towards new goals. The effect is cumulative and change occurs in the brain as new patterns of behaviour are created and ‘saved’ in the brain. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works in a relatively short space of time, compared to other psychotherapeutic techniques. Generally a client will need between 8 -12 sessions.

There is an emphasis on Solution Focused Psychotherapy at the beginning of the sessions. Sometimes techniques from NLP are used in specific circumstances, along with educating the client about the neuroscience involved with their situation or presenting issue.

Can I Just Have One Session?

Some hypnotherapists offer just one or two sessions but the results can be a bit hit and miss. This is because change and deep learning doesn’t always happen that quickly – it takes a while for the brain to learn that the new way of doing things is ‘safe’ and for it to become the default.

For example, if we offered just one or two weight-loss sessions, the client may lose weight initially, or develop an aversion to chocolate, but then if their stress levels went up they may revert back to heir old eating patterns.
Solution Focused Hypnotherapists would much rather help the client bring down their stress levels (and learn to manage it themselves), whilst helping the client make intellectual decisions about food instead of emotional ones.

Plus every session during the hypnosis part, we work on confidence, which should leave you feeling fantastic. The brain learns with repetition and investing in more than one or two sessions is going to help you much more in the long run.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

Please call 07848 830 182 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to book your FREE Initial Consultation. Here we can discuss your situation in more detail and you can find out how hypnotherapy could help you.



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