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The practice is run by Natalie Fox, a psychotherapist specialising in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, who can help with a range of issues, including:

• Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Insomnia, Stress and Depression

• Eating Disorders, Anger Problems, Smoking and Weight Loss

• IBS and Stress-Related Digestive Problems

• Phobias, Building Confidence

• Self-Esteem, Self-Discipline and Motivation

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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy offers a range of safe, well-researched and evidence-based strategies that can help you make significant, positive changes in your life, and in a relatively short period of time.

The ‘Solution’ part of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy means that, unlike other forms of therapy, you don’t have to spend lots of time focusing on the problem, looking back into your past, or dredging up painful experiences. We will work together in the present to move you forward quickly.

A FREE initial consultation gives you a chance to talk about the issues that are holding you back, and gives me an understanding of what it is you want to achieve. From here, I can select the strategies I think will be most relevant and helpful to your situation, then we can work together to empower you to make the changes you want to make in your life. So, while we would mainly use hypnotherapy in our sessions, we might also draw on other modern psychotherapeutic disciplines.

The great benefit to you of choosing Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is that it allows your therapist to draw on a range of some of the most effective modern psychotherapeutic techniques around.

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Why Choose Truro Hypnotherapy Practice?

A FREE initial consultation allows us to find out more about each other, discuss how I might be able to help you, and how we might work together.

Clinical hypnotherapy is powerful, it’s important to choose a professionally qualified hypnotherapist you can trust. I trained and qualified with the fully accredited Clifton Hypnotherapy Training Centre which is based in Bristol and is recognised internationally as a centre of excellence.

I am registered with the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and The National Board for Modern Psychotherapists.

When you join Truro Hypnotherapy Practice as a client, you can ask for a Customer Card, which gives you 10% off the cost of all treatments.

Book your FREE initial consultation below, or call Natalie Fox on 07848 830182.

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